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welcome to lztsbelieve
The unknown.
There are more things under heaven and on earth... Supernatural and other entities.
Christian chatterbox
Anything to do with Christianity can be discussed here.
Athiest chatterbox
Is there such a thing as atheism. Discuss anything to do with the absence of God in the world you live in.
General Chatterbox
Well what is left after Christianity and Atheism? Discuss anything and everything here.
All other faiths and none chatterbox
Discuss aspects of all other religions.
BBC Community Posting
Carry over or post new threads here from all sections of the BBC community message boards.
Paganism chatterbox
Anything to do with paganism.
Life is like this and that.
Not sure where it goes.
When you don't know where to put it. Then here is where it belongs.
Are you a snappy snapper?
Got pictures you take but never share. Then post them here. Will make this for members only so no need to worry about them being all over the net.
Videos...videos... and more videos
We won't laugh unless they are funny. Kept away from the internet and his wife for members only.
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